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At Lifelong Bodywork, we strive to offer the best therapeutic massage and wellness services on the east side of Cleveland. Massage and bodywork are excellent ways to relax the mind, body and soul. Not only can they be essential for ongoing health, but they provide relief from life's everyday stresses--big and small.

Our mission is to provide massotherapy and bodywork for people in all stages of life so they can live more vibrantly with less pain. Lifelong Bodywork is a team of licensed massage therapists and somatic practitioners committed to supporting our community’s health. Our bodywork professionals provide injury rehabilitation, pain management, and preventative care for people in all stages of health and life.

Our Story:

Lifelong Bodywork was founded by Deleen Kelly in 2014. When Deleen and Alexander met, it soon became clear that they had a similar vision for both their lives and their careers. After several years of developing a personal relationship and coaching each other through building their own private practices, they joined forces and became co-owners of Lifelong Bodywork. Once Deleen’s private practice in Lakewood, Lifelong Bodywork is now a wellness center rooted in the Beachwood community.

Our practitioners offer a diverse range of backgrounds and techniques, and we’re passionate about providing bodywork that works for you. Though deep tissue therapy can be very effective under the right circumstances, excessive pain and deep pressure are not required in order for you to feel the results. In addition to our deep tissue and therapeutic massage work, we provide light-touch therapy options that are effective even for chronic and severe pain, making bodywork safe and accessible for people who are sensitive to pressure.

Most of all, we care that you leave our office feeling better than before, with hope for healing and a sense of belonging in your body. We are committed to supporting our community’s health through the expertise of our own practitioners as well as through appropriate referrals, and we renew that commitment each and every day.

  • A simple touch can bring relief to a knotted body and tangled mind. It doesn’t matter what body you’ve been given, and it doesn’t matter what you’re going through right now. There is always a way to add a little more ease to your life, and we are honored to help you do so.


Our Team

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Deleen Kelly
Co-owner & Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist: State Medical Board of Ohio, License No. 33.018906

Deleen has been a licensed massage therapist working in spas, clinics, and private practice since 2010. Throughout her career she has worked alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare practitioners to help her clients achieve their wellness and recovery goals. She was drawn to the field of massage therapy to help provide a type of healthcare that traditional medical care didn’t offer, but that had great potential to improve quality of life.

Continuing education is at the heart of her life philosophy, and she is always seeking growth through new knowledge. Deleen integrates perspectives from multiple healing disciplines and techniques into her work with each client. Her signature massage style delivers focused therapy with an intuitive touch. She works with athletes needing targeted deep tissue work, fibromyalgia patients needing the lightest pressure, and everyone in between.

Deleen has been an athlete since childhood and continues to train and compete to this day. She has taught dance and gymnastics both recreationally and competitively to adults and children of all ages. She believes that movement should be fun and accessible to everyone, and she is passionate about helping people start from where they are to gain mobility and develop a movement practice that works for their lifestyle.

Through her teaching as well as her massage work, Deleen has found fulfillment in helping people develop strength and confidence in their bodies. All it takes is one visit to appreciate the care and attentiveness she practices on each individual client, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to improve the health of her local Beachwood community as she engages in the work she loves.

Alexander Van Ness
Co-owner & Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist: State Medical Board of Ohio, License No. 33.020215

Alexander has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010. Having suffered a severe sports injury himself, he experienced the power of massotherapy to speed his healing in a way that no other treatment had. He now dedicates himself to providing medical massotherapy for injury rehabilitation, an approach that is often overlooked in primary care settings.

As a second-generation massotherapist, Alexander had a built-in apprenticeship throughout the early years of his career. His mother, Donna Boswell, served as a president of the Ohio State Massotherapy Association and was a skilled medical rehabilitation massotherapist for over 30 years. In 2011 he opened his private practice, working alongside an MD, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and an acupuncturist. Alexander highly values collaboration between healthcare professionals to ensure that people have access to the care they need.

Alexander is a lifelong student of martial arts as well as a teacher of medieval armored combat. He has a strong athletic background and a deep interest in helping athletes utilize their skills to the best of their ability for as long as possible. He has worked with many athletes, including WWE professionals, to help them retain and improve their muscular function and range of motion.

Alexander has toured semi-professionally as a musical performer. He also had a career in sales, which taught him many valuable interpersonal skills. Of all the things he learned, the most important lesson was this: you can only sell what you truly believe in. After recovering from his injury, he returned to the work he believed in the most, once again dedicating himself to using his massotherapy skills to help others attain health and wellness.

His expertise in movement, his intuition and charisma with people, and his skill in the healing arts allow him to provide the personable, results-focused massotherapy he is known for. Alexander is passionate about providing massage as a service to his community, and his favorite part of his work is seeing the delight on a client’s face as they realize that they no longer have to live in pain.

Jeramey Sunagel
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist: State Medical Board of Ohio, License No. 33.019870

Jeramey has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011. He began his career in massage after being injured in a car accident himself. After experiencing firsthand the effect of massage therapy on his recovery, he knew that his calling was to give back by helping others with their healing in return. Jeramey's experience includes working in holistic wellness centers and private practice as well as providing chair massage for businesses and events.

For the majority of his life, Jeramey has been involved in music and the arts. His personal experience in theater, band ensembles, and choirs gives him a particular interest in working with musicians and thespians. He is familiar with the physical and emotional stressors faced by musicians, directors, instructors, and performers, and he is especially passionate about treating the postural pain and overuse injuries common to these fields.

Jeramey has additional experience as a customer relations and sales specialist in a corporate environment. The interpersonal and communication skills he gained help him to ensure that each client receives the specific treatment they deserve. Individualized care is a central aspect of his healing philosophy, and this is the key that allows his clients to leave feeling happier and healthier than before.